👈 Touch

Your Tingbot comes equipped with a resistive touch screen! It’s easy to react to touch events.

Example: Simple drawing app
import tingbot
from tingbot import *


def on_touch(xy):
    screen.rectangle(xy=xy, size=(5,5), color='blue')


This is a simple drawing app. It uses the @touch() decorator to receive touch events and draws a rectangle to the screen at the same place.

@touch(xy=…, size=…, align=…)

This ‘decorator’ marks the function after it to receive touch events.

You can optionally pass an area that you’re interested in, using the xy, size and align arguments. If you specify no area, you will receive all touch events.

The handler function can optionally take the arguments xy and action. xy is the location of the touch. action is one of ‘down’, ‘move’, ‘up’.

Example: Simple Drawing app code
def on_touch(xy):
    screen.rectangle(xy=xy, size=(5,5), color='blue')
Example: Making a button do something
@touch(xy=(0,0), size=(100,50), align='topleft')
def on_touch(xy, action):
    if action == 'down':
        state['screen_number'] = 2